Door Services in Casper

Looking for the perfect solution to your door problems? Look no further. Crown Construction LLC’s skilled team is the entryway to secure doors.  What’s more, we also have the best customer service around. That’s because we’re staffed by the most skilled, trained, and hardworking contractors this town has to offer. Whether it’s repair, maintenance or installation, our local general contractors provide cutting-edge door services.

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Crown Construction LLC’s Interior and Exterior Door Repairs

When you need door repairs, you need to act fast. Doors in need of repair might be unsightly, dangerous, or both.  They are inconvenient for everyone who makes use of them. But your worries will be absolved when we’re on the case. Choose us, and by the time we pack up, the issues will be resolved and your doors will be back in working order.

Our extensive skills and years of experience have taught us how to deal with a wide variety of issues. We’re proud to say that we can solve any problem, including but not limited to:

  • Drafts
  • Animal scratches
  • Weatherstripping issues
  • Doors that swing open rather than sit flush
  • Doors that won’t close
  • ‘Stickiness’
  • Metal dents
  • Broken hinges, latches, striker plates, and door stops

No matter what the problem is, you can be assured that the solution will be sturdy, durable, attractive, and able to stand up to just about anything.

Our Top-Rated Door Services

We pride ourselves on our talent and versatility, and our ability to tackle all your needs. Whether you need a particular service or multiple services, we’re your one-stop shop for all door services, including repair, maintenance, and door installation. Plus, we can work with just about any type of material and on any type of door, including…

  • Glass
  • Automatic
  • Sliding
  • Steel
  • Roll-up
  • Accordion
  • Revolving
  • High-security
  • Wooden
  • Bi-fold
  • Dutch
  • Pre-Hung
  • Screen
  • … and more!

Not only do we work with a wide variety of doors, we can also work in a wide variety of properties, whether residential or commercial. We strive to give all our customers the great service they need and the friendliness and courtesy they deserve.

There’s no job too big or too small for us, and there’s no challenge we can’t meet. With this kind of can-do attitude, it’s not hard to see why our many happy clients say we’re the best door company around.

Call the Door Maintenance and Repair Experts

We’ve told you all about our great door work and what makes us stand out from the crowd. Now we want to hear from you. What kind of door work do you require, and how can we make it happen?

Give us a call now at (307) 337-7069 to speak to one of our friendly customer service agents. They’ll be happy to answer your questions, tell you more about us, and help find a solution to all your door needs. There’s never been a better time to experience the great work that’s made us one of Casper’s top door companies.